Jira Gantt Chart

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Hello there, this weeks task was to use the existing Jira tasks and bring it together in a Gantt Chart. Since we couldn’t use an existing solution to bring the task in our Project tool ‘MS Project’ we had to create our own way to do so. And yes we know that Microsoft Project is […]

Database Schema

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Hey guys, since the last post we created the database schema of our application which you can also find in our Architecture RUP Document. The schema was designed using the Entity-Relationship-Model and contains the core entities of our application. At the moment our class diagram looks like the following Please note that we didn’t include attributes and […]


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Hello there, we took a step into Behaviour Driven Development and have written feature files for some of our Use Cases. You can find those files right here: Feature “Add Entry“ Feature “Show Statistics“ Also we updated our Use Case Specifications according the feature files. Use Case “Add Entry“ Use Case “Show Statistics“ Of course […]


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Hello everyone, in order to plan and get an overview about the develop status of our project we decided to use Jira, “The #1 software development tool used by agile teams” as they say from themselves. The project is hosted over here, so don’t hesitate and take a look! (Note: To access the page you have […]

Role Specifications

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In order to work together efficiently we set up roles for each member of our team so it is clear who is responsible for which aspects. Instead of creating new custom rules we used the roles defined in the IBM Rational Unified Process or RUP. If you aren’t familiar with the RUP terminology, please go […]

Project Topic

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We decided to develop a solution which gives users the ability to store and monitor their incomes and spendings in a very easy and straightforward way while providing some intelligent features to simplify operation and work with our application. Subsystems UI Charts / Graphs Database User Management Data input Statistics The following picture gives some ideas of […]