Deployment Test

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Hi, our current task is to verify that our project is deployable, so we need other teams/people to deploy our app on their machine. The instruction can be found on in our Readme file on GitHub. We are using Docker to deploy our app. Check it out! 🙂

Design Pattern

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Hello out there, the last few days we kept our-self busy with Design Patterns and how we should apply them to our code. Basically what we did was rewriting our test code, so we would use a Factory taking care of creating instances of our classes. What we changed now is replacing the code with […]

Project Topic

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We decided to develop a solution which gives users the ability to store and monitor their incomes and spendings in a very easy and straightforward way while providing some intelligent features to simplify operation and work with our application. Subsystems UI Charts / Graphs Database User Management Data input Statistics The following picture gives some ideas of […]