Testing II

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Hey there! This is the sequel to our first blog post on testing. We are using Codacy  to calculate our test coverage which is at 36% at the moment. It is recalculated on every push to our master branch. Click on the coverage badge to see the details! Also, take a look at our Test-Plan document which describes the different tests […]

Risk Management

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In today’s update we are happy to present you the risks we are facing while developing our project. Here is the constantly updated table displaying risk factors and how to prevent those harmful events from happening. This is our overall usecase-diagram. These are our new usecases, with UI-mockup and activity diagram: Show Statistics Import File (CSV) Export […]

Database Schema

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Hey guys, since the last post we created the database schema of our application which you can also find in our Architecture RUP Document. The schema was designed using the Entity-Relationship-Model and contains the core entities of our application. At the moment our class diagram looks like the following Please note that we didn’t include attributes and […]