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Hey there!

This is the sequel to our first blog post on testing.

We are using Codacy  to calculate our test coverage which is at 36% at the moment. It is recalculated on every push to our master branch.
Click on the coverage badge to see the details!

Also, take a look at our Test-Plan document which describes the different tests we are using.

2 thoughts on “Testing II

  1. Hey,

    its very nice to see, that you guys care about the test coverage of your project. 36% test coverage and an automated recalculation of it on every push on your master branch is exemplary!

    Also your test plan document looks fine and includes all the needed informations.

    Keep up the good work!

    KInd regards,

  2. Hello,

    Code coverage is given (20% minimum), even with the badge in github! Necessary tests are given in the document.
    All conditions are fulfilled, great job!


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