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Hello there,

this week we did some work with the book of Martin Fowler, Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code.

To become familiar and better in Refactoring existing code in order to make it better by working through the first chapter and test it practically by working with the given code in our own repositories:

Micha Oberstein: Moberstein/Fowler

Julian Merkle: JVMerkle/Fowler

Frederik Ludwig: FBLudwig/Fowler


2 thoughts on “Refactoring

  1. Hello,
    as Felix already said, you’ve got alot of commits and all of your tests pass. Your final projects look good (structure, code) and i can open them flawlessly

    Kind regards

  2. Hey,
    everybody of you guys have got more than (or exactly) 20 commits and your project structure looks good. All of you have got at least one test for each function of a class and all of them pass.
    BTW I like you commit message style a lot.

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