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Hello there,

this week we want to present our Test Plan we developed. You can find it right here -> Test Plan.

As a short conclusion: we want to bring tests a lot more in our focus, mainly by using Functional Tests also as Unit Tests. For the Functional Tests you can read this post we wrote earlier already. As we are using PHP as programming language we use PHPUnit for the Unit Tests, which by the way comes with great IDE support, look at this:

Isn’t that great? Well then hold your hat, it comes even better! By integrating Travis CI into our GitHub Repository the Unit Tests will run on every push automatically without us doing anything! Here is a excerpt of the log Travis produces:

Still not satisfied? Well if one of the tests fail, it will fail the Travis process and notify us that there was an error. This is the whole magic behind that: A Travis Configuration file

It seems like there’s nothing else to say besides that, if you get bored you can look at our Test Code in this folder: mMio/tests

Greetings from mMio

4 thoughts on “RUP Test Plan

  1. Hey mMio,
    your test plan looks a little bit short, you should work at this in the future.
    The php unit tests seem to run good and are nice implemented in your IDE!
    Kind Regards
    Niko from WhiteCode

  2. Hey guys,

    it seems like you have everything mentioned in the grading criteria. Your test plan file looks a bit short, but thats the same for most of the groups, so it should be fine for now.

    Keep up!

  3. Hey there,
    Well, you dont have a unit test according to a specific use case (or does the example test belongs to a UC?) but we don’t have that as well, so who am i to judge^^
    The rest should fit pretty good to the grading criteria.
    Keep up your good work!
    Team SmartCinema

    BTW: at this moment the link to your test code seems to be pretty boring. It looks like you should merge the unit-test-branch into your master or at least change the link 😉

    1. Thanks for the feedback, actually the tests are for Use Cases although the naming is crap right now. Yeah the link went to the wrong branch, we changed it.

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