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Hey folks, this week we will present our Function Point calculation of our Use Cases.
Based on our old Use Cases that we already finished we used this online tool to calculate Function Points based on different numbers of User Interaction and database fields used. In order to use this tool we needed to find out the complexity for each Use Case, so we followed the matrix on this website to determine it.
In this document you can find all the calculations done together in one single file, together with a chart that shows the correlation between the Function Points and the time needed (those numbers come from this file) for each specific Use Case.
The chart is used for the time estimation of the Use Cases that will be implemented this semester.
Greetings, Team mMio

4 thoughts on “Function Point Calculation

  1. Hello Guys,

    You did a pretty good job calculating the function points since all the Use-Cases are near the interpolation line. As the other group mentioned an axis labeling would be nice but is not really required since, people should know how the graph is supposed to work.


  2. Hello from MuM,

    you combined everything needed in one file. A good idea to reduce the amount of different files the user has to look for. On the other hand, you always have to scroll through the whole document (not a problem in this small document) to see a particular information, keep that in mind 🙂
    For your Function Point graph, an axis label would be nice, but we assume that the y-axis is the one for the Function Points and the other one for the hours spend.
    We are missing the information in your Usecase-files, maybe you just forgot to link them?
    Leaving those two points aside, you did a good job 🙂

    Kind regards, MuM.

    1. Hello again from MuM,

      we forgot one thing in our report. As you saw in class before, your new Usecases have to be on the line in your Function Point graph.

      Kind regards, MuM.

      1. Hey, you got some good points there. You were right about the axis, we added the labels for them for better clarification. We are working on the Use Case files so there will be links soon. About the new Use Cases that are not exactly at the line – that is on purpose to avoid strange numbers as estimation, they are slightly of to fit to the next commonly used hour fraction.

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