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Hey and welcome to the second phase of our software development!
It is already a few months back since it was midterm since we paused the project. So here is a short summary what happened until now and what the scope of the next months will be.
The development of the basic features was completed in the last year and with that the Use Cases we decided to implement till midterm were included. Therefore we will focus on the left Use Cases that need to be implemented in order to finish our product. To see what was done so far you can take a look at the presentation held at end of midterm.
There are a few things that either have changed or we are going to change them in the future:
  • Unfortunately we lost one of our contributor, but we are confident to get it done with enough enthusiasm
  • We want to adjust our Git-Strategy slightly by using master instead develop as main branch, instead of updating the master branch only if a new version is available. The use of feature branches and pull requests isn’t affected by this and will be as already done.
  • The Use Cases that will be implemented are these:
    • Import File
    • Export Data
    • Profile Management
    • Reoccurring Income/Expenses
    • Show Statistics (also on the list, since it isn’t fully implemented yet)
  • Additionally we want to change our ‘Add’ and ‘Edit’ forms to use AJAX

Greetings from mMio


P.S: Further information can be found in the documents on our git repository:

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