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Hello there,

this weeks task was to use the existing Jira tasks and bring it together in a Gantt Chart.

Since we couldn’t use an existing solution to bring the task in our Project tool ‘MS Project’ we had to create our own way to do so. And yes we know that Microsoft Project is on place 3 of dreckstool.de but there exists the option to write a custom addin, so we can modify the content directly in the target environment what is what we did to get the tasks from Jira in MS Project. The tasks need to be exported from Jira as *.xls and can than opened by clicking the new Button the addin provides in Project.

The plan is to make that addin public accessible, so if you are interested an update with a link will be coming!
EDIT: Here is the promised link: JiraToMsProject

Here you can go and see the result, not perfect but rather acceptable: mMio Gantt Chart
If you haven’t MS Project installed but interested in how it looks like, here’s a quite messy pdf version.



Team mMio

2 thoughts on “Jira Gantt Chart

  1. Hi,

    Your Gantt Chart looks nice and well-ordered, even if it’s created with MS Project (the worst project planning tool ever).
    Keep up your good work,

    Marco Kolb (BestPlaces-Team)

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