3 thoughts on “Software Architecture Document

  1. Hey mMio,
    the architecture document looks really good and complete.
    Like Niko already said, the link to your project structure is not working, but for me the picture in “5.1 Overview” is working.

    If I open the link to your demo, there is only a site with the message “Be right back.” – maybe you should look at this again.

    Anyway, good job!

  2. Hey mMio Team,

    your architecture document is nearly filled with all necessary content.
    You can add the use case documents as link from the old homework’s, I also miss the deployment view of the whole project.
    The links at 3. Architectural Goals and Constraints and 5.1 Overview are not working for me.
    The logical view and data view look really great, keep up that approach!

    Kind Regard
    Niko from White Code

    1. Hey, thanks for your feedback!
      You’re right, the deployment view wasn’t included in the document but now it should be.
      The links are fixed now, there was a problem with moving the Document in the project structure, thanks for mentioning it!

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