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Hey guys,

since the last post we created the database schema of our application which you can also find in our Architecture RUP Document. The schema was designed using the Entity-Relationship-Model and contains the core entities of our application.

At the moment our class diagram looks like the following

Please note that we didn’t include attributes and methods because some predefined classes (Model) contains to many,  so that the diagram would be way to big.

Cheers, Team mMio

6 thoughts on “Database Schema

  1. Hey mMio,

    why do you have two arrows from Transaction to Account. I have no idea if is valid in a database diagram or not, so I just wondered. Good work!
    It would be really nice to see your class diagram. I know the idears for the project are not finished jet and changes are possible in the future, but an class diagram could also help to get different idears which bring you further.

    Kind Regards,
    Niko from WhiteCode

    1. Tanks for your feedback!
      According to our researches, it is valid to have two connections from two foreign keys of one table to a primary key of a second table.
      And of course an updated version of the post including a class diagram is already in creation.

  2. Hello from MuM,

    we can not really add much more than SmartCinema already said. Of course we are also waiting for the class diagramm, too.
    We also like the fact that you already have an Architecture RUP document. But if you set it up, a small introduction would be nice instead of “tbd” 😉

    kind regards, MuM.

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      The class diagram will appear in a few minutes 🙂
      We will complete the introduction of our RUP document within the next sprint.



  3. Hello there,
    not much to review this week. Hope you can add the class diagramm soon and it’s not that complicated.
    Nice that you already have a Architecture RUP Document. I think we will add it with next week’s homework.
    In relation to your ERM:
    You mentioned that the M:N relation between User and Category will be resolved with an additional table. We think this table have to appear in the ERM as well. Is there a reason why you don’t list it?
    With best wishes
    Team SmartCinema

    1. Thank you for your Comment!
      In Relation to our Class Diagram: we will add it right now!
      We haven’t already found a meaningful logical naming for the missing table :), so we will add this table within our next sprint.



      Greetings mMio

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