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Hello there,
we took a step into Behaviour Driven Development and have written feature files for some of our Use Cases.
You can find those files right here:
  1. Feature “Add Entry
  2. Feature “Show Statistics
Also we updated our Use Case Specifications according the feature files.
  1. Use Case “Add Entry
  2. Use Case “Show Statistics

Of course we didn’t write that plain text, but instead used a plugin for our IDE that provides IntelliSense, which makes our live easier.

Behat PhpStorm Screenshot

Team mMio

5 thoughts on “Gherkin

  1. Hi,
    your new post looks very well. The .feature-files are simple and clear. Both files are linked to the UC documents and you have integrated the gerking syntax highlighting to your IDE. According to the grading criteria you have done all tasks well. Have you already tried to run a test?

    Team GottMusIg

  2. Hello,
    as MuM already said, your .feature files are correct and pass the grading criteria.
    Well done!

    Kind regards,
    Fact Racing

  3. Hello from MuM,

    good job with your .feature files. You use the correct syntax, the correct highlighting and you have multiple szenarios, just as requested. We also like that you linked your files for the usecases again, so we do not have to search them in an other blog entry.
    Good job, keep it up!

    Kind regards, MuM.

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