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Hello everyone,

in order to plan and get an overview about the develop status of our project we decided to use Jira, “The #1 software development tool used by agile teams” as they say from themselves.
The project is hosted over here, so don’t hesitate and take a look! (Note: To access the page you have to log in)

Kind regards
Team mMio

4 thoughts on “Jira

  1. Hello,
    your JIRA seems well set up and also has a lot of tasks and a sprint so I believe that perhaps apart from connecting your JIRA with your IDE you are covering the grading criteria

    1. Thanks for the feedback and your suggestion. Part of the team has already connected JIRA with our IDE.

      Regards Team mMio

  2. Hey mMio,
    your JIRA scrum board seems right configured with many tasks.
    You have planned well and ahead of schedule. Thats nice to see!

    We look forward to see your final project!

    1. Hello Christian,

      We’re happy to hear such positive words!
      Do you think we have completely fulfilled the grading criteria?


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