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Hello there,

we finally have brought our SRS to version 1.0, therefore it is in a release state now. You can view our SRS here, the Use Case diagram is included as well.

Kind regards

Team mMio

4 thoughts on “Software Requirements Specification

  1. Hello Team mMio,
    you filled in the SRS according to the grading criteria correctly.
    There is on thing about your use case diagram I’m not sure about:
    Are all the functions in the scope? Maybe you can add a legend.
    Apart from this, the UCD is fine.

    1. Hey, thanks for your feedback. We thought the chosen colouring of the Use Cases would be clear enough to see what is in scope but we will add a legend to make it more clear.

  2. Hello mMio,

    The SRS is completly in english, i really like that. In your Use case youre not using the “include” or “extend” relation possibilities of a use case diagram. Maybe you take a look here: and take a look on point “Relations”. This will make your Use case diagram more detailed and understandable (It is understandable in your current version too, of course, but you MIGHT want to check more possibilities out :)).

    In the end, your SRS is fine and many points are already filled, so good job to that!


    1. Hey, thanks for your feedback and your suggestion. We will take a look and check if that’s something we want to do.

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