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In order to work together efficiently we set up roles for each member of our team so it is clear who is responsible for which aspects.

Instead of creating new custom rules we used the roles defined in the IBM Rational Unified Process or RUP. If you aren’t familiar with the RUP terminology, please go on and read this article where they are explained in more detail.

And that’s how we defined our team roles:

  • Jonas Gerlich as Requirements Specifier
  • Frederik Ludwig as Designer
  • Julian Merkle as Tool Specialist and additionally also as Change Control Manager
  • Micha Oberstein as Project Manager

Since Jonas Gerlich had to left our team the Role of Requirements Specifier is assigned to Frederik Ludwig, although technically it won’t be needed often because the Requirements are already defined and not planned to change heavily.

Aside from assigning roles to a specific person there are also roles that apply to everyone in the team:

  • To achieve that everyone will touch the code everyone has the Implementer role
  • Our goal is to write tests for all our code so since all are Implementer we decided that everyone should have responsibility for tests as Test Designer


We decided to use PHP together with the Laravel Framework for back-end programming. As Database Management System we use MySQL and the Laravel MySQL API to access it. For front-end design we decided to use HTML in combination with JavaScript and CSS. We use JetBrains’ IDE PhpStorm for development.

5 thoughts on “Role Specifications

  1. Hello,
    your role distribution is very reasonable and clear by using the correct RUP terminology.
    The single unclear point is, do you need a graphic artist for the design-tasks for your application?
    After the adaption, the technology equates the grading criterias now.

  2. Hey,
    you have correct divided your role division and substantiated it good.
    Also your technologies are chosen roofed.
    I only miss your architecture, have you thought about one?
    Kind Regards
    Niko from WhiteCode

  3. You have distributed your roles clearly and using the correct RUP terminology.
    However you have not specified what kind of technology you will use which is part of the grading criteria so make sure you add this.

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