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We decided to develop a solution which gives users the ability to store and monitor their incomes and spendings in a very easy and straightforward way while providing some intelligent features to simplify operation and work with our application.


  • UI
  • Charts / Graphs
  • Database
  • User Management
  • Data input
  • Statistics

The following picture gives some ideas of possible features of our project:



9 thoughts on “Project Topic

  1. It would be nice if you could clarify what your “intelligent features” are and why i should use them over an excel sheet. The term “statistics” is a quite vague. Does it just list my income and spendings or can you access more detailed information like how big your spendings usually are and wheater there are any spendings that do not fit into your regular spending pattern?
    Another interesting point is, on what devices you want to release this app. Is this an app on mobile devices or a website?

    1. Hi pos, thanks for your feedback. At this point we have not decided about specific features of our solution yet.
      Here a couple of reasons why you should be using mMio instead of Excel.
      mMio is
      + free software
      + designed for money management only
      + mMio is platform independen (web-based)
      + more convenient to use
      + easy data import

  2. Hey,
    the idea sounds really interesting and useful.
    Ideas for useful features which directly comes to my mind are:
    – get a list of things you spend the most money on
    – divide your money expenses by categories like weekly, monthly
    – comparison of months/years with statistics

    1. We already thought about this terms too !
      Thank you for your ideas! If you have any further ideas please let us know.

  3. Your idea seems very straight forward. Which features exactley are you planning to implement? Are they accessibility related?

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We updated our post and hope that answers your questions. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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